Washable Medical Isolation Gown made in Canada

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ANSI/AAMI Medical Isolation Gown 

Level 3 performance as a disposable single-use.

Level 2 performance if washed for a maximum of up to 5 times in accordance with washing instructions.

100% Canadian manufactured product. 

Imagine what it felt like back in March 2020 if you were on the COVID 19 front line and being left in a compromised situation as a result of acute shortages in critical protective gear. Countries that we depended upon banned the export of gowns, masks, and gloves that put Canada in a dangerous position. 

As a result of this situation, Unimax in partnership with our Canadian fabric manufacturer developed a state of the art non woven fabric that provides a level 3 protection barrier against air, fluid, and blood-borne particles. Offering a high-quality hazard barrier and infection control for medical gowns.

This gown is classified as a Level 3 Isolation gown and can be washed up to 5 times in-home laundry as a Level 2 Isolation gown. 

Unimax Medical Ltd manufactures this gown right here in Surrey British Columbia Canada. 


  • Gown: 90gsm non-woven needle-punched fabric.
  • Content : 100% Polyester.
  • Top layer Coating: 100% LDPE
  • Content of cuffs: Polyester Elastane ribbed cuff.

This product is a durable non woven fabric made from a proprietary LDPE multi-coated polyester needlepoint fabric. The fabric is breathable and is soft and cool with a paper touch. 

The gown features easy to wear adjustable Velcro neck fastening at the back with hot air sealed non-puncture waistband tie that is anchored to the gown without puncturing the fabric surface therefore retaining the original fluid barrier.

All seams are single-needle lock stitched and Hot Air taped for a seal tight fluid barrier. Cuffs feature a knitted Polyester elastane stretch ribbed cuffs. 

This Gown performs and is classified as a Level 3 Isolation gown as a disposable unit and as a Level 2 isolation gown as a washed unit. This gown can be washed for up to 5 times in accordance with normal home laundry conditions. 

This gown meets the Association of Advancement of Medical Instrumentation ANSI/AAMI PB70 standard for Liquid barrier performance & classification of protective apparel intended for use in Health Care facilities. Features and Benefits

- Raglan Sleeve style with fluid barrier hot air sealed taping. 

- Breathable moisture management layer.
- Ready to use.
- Latex-free.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Level 3,  fluid barriers meeting ANSI/AAMI PB 70 as a disposable one time use. 

- Level 2, fluid barriers meeting ANSI/AAMI PB70 if washed in accordance to the care instructions for up to 5 times max

- High resistance to abrasions and tears.

- Low lint feature.
- Fire class 16 CFR 1610                                                           

- Flexible waistband fit with generous length waistband ties.
- Wide back panel closure.
- Comfort fit Polyester stretch ribbed cuffs.
- Non-lint fabric finish.                                                              - Shelf life of 2 years or 24 months

    Product Testing & Certification

    This Gown has been Laboratory tested & attested by the Canadian Standards Association CSA Group. 




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